Grand Prix Winners

Since its inception the Festival has attained the highest artistic achievements hosting more than five hundred theatre productions from various parts of the world, including Europe and host country Serbia. Only twenty-four performances have won the greatest recognition of the festival – the Festival Grand Prix, but many performances seen at the past twenty-four festivals have made a significant aesthetic impact on the development of the theatre dedicated to children and youth in general and on the development of the art of puppetry in particular.

Puss in Boots

Year: 2018
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Children´s Theatre of Republic of Srpska – Banja Luka
Director: Todor Valov

The Story of Dionysius - The Icon Painter

Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Vologda Regional Puppet Theatre „Teremok“
Director: Oleg Zhugzhda

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Year: 2016
Country: Montenegro
City Theatre Podgorica
Director: Yevgeny Ibragimov

How Flying Was Invented

Year: 2015
Country: Serbia
Youth Theatre – Novi Sad
Director: Emilija Mrdaković

Boribon and Annipanni

Year: 2014
Country: Hungary
Budapest Puppet Theatre – Budapest
Director: Edina Ellinger


Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Vologda Regional Puppet Theatre „Teremok“
Director: Boris Konstantinov

Snow White

Year: 2012
Country: Slovenia
Mini Theatre – Ljubljana
Director: Marek Bečka

My Pinocchio

Year: 2011
Country: France
Cie Jean-Pierre Lescot – Fontenay-sous-Bois (Paris)
Director: Jean-Pierre Lescot


The story of My Pinocchio is happening in the world of shadows and paper and depicts the tale of the puppet-child who sets off to discover the world. Pinocchio walks open-heartedly, running towards his dreams…and getting lost in them.

Lira and Epika (Lyrics and Epic)

Year: 2010
Country: Hungary
Budapest Puppet Theatre – Budapest
Director: Pal Macsai


A sophisticated puppet play which abounds in witty phrases, distorted poetic images and lively humour and equally well, on different levels, communicates with children and adult audience.

The Folklore Magic

Year: 2009
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Children´s Theatre of Republic of Srpska – Banja Luka
Director: Bonjo Lungov


Unusual performance which presents Balkan folklore in an original way using movement, dance, music and puppets created from the objects which belong to ethnological treasure while actors transmit the unique experience and emotions through superior acting and manipulation.


Year: 2008
Country: Estonia
tate Puppet Theatre – Tallinn
Director: Yevgeny Ibragimov


Timeless performance based on the Russian classic, the play by Nikolai Gogol, which tells a story about the devastating impact the passions can have on a human being through life-like puppets and extraordinary, almost unreal animation. Masterly directed by Yevgeny Ibragimov.


Year: 2007
Country: Austria
OKI – Mobile Theatre for Children – Vienna
Director: Jakub Krofta


The classic story of Cinderella takes new form in the modern world still reminding children that only the good-hearted can find happiness and love. Actual topic, excellent acting, attractive and well thought out music, creative stage design.


Year: 2006
Country: Estonia
State Puppet Theatre – Tallinn
Director: Finn Poulsen


The performance Troll Boy is based on the story The Changeling by Selma Lagerlöf, dramatized by Swedish poet Göran Tunström who gave poetic tone to the text, which thematizes the eternal problem of relationship between parents and children in an exceptional way.

The Poor Bootmaker and the Wind King

Year: 2005
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Children’s Theatre – Subotica
Director: Hernyák György


This performance is an example of coreo-ethnotheatre and represents high range of collective play, harmoniously, in modern reconstruction of folklore ritual and rich Hungarian tradition of music, acting and dance.


Year: 2004
Country: Hungary
The Puppet Theatre “Ciroka” – Kecskemet
Director: Lászlo Rumi


Classical shadow theatre, with application of other forms of puppet theatre, creating miraculous aesthetics and poetics of contemporary puppetry based on the phon of pure visuality and aesthetics.

The Nutcracker

Year: 2003
Country: Slovakia
Bratislava Puppet Theatre – Bratislava
Director: Jozef Bednarik


Multimedia directing, syncretism on stage to be remembered.

The Queen of Colours

Year: 2002
Country: Germany
Fairy Tale Theatre – Hamburg
Director: Mark Lovic


Experimental performance the genre of which is hard to determine. Prehaps the closest determinant would be animation of light and colours, with elements of education. And only three words are pronounced: blue, red and yellow. Out of those colours and light the whole world is created!


Year: 2001
Country: Bulgaria
State Puppet Theatre – Vidin
Director: Yana Tsankova


Puppets, people, costumes, total animation, total theatre.

Zajdi, Zajdi (Set , Set , Bright Sun)

Year: 2000
Country: Macedonia
Children and Youth Theatre – Skopje
Director: Bonjo Lungov


Ethnotheatre performance encompassing animation of everyday objects. Music, dance, folklore of authentic Macedonian tradition. Performance of amazing beauty.

The Lost Soul, or Torment of a Sinner

Year: 1999
Country: Belarus
Belarusian Theatre “Lialka” – Vitebsk
Director: Oleg Zhugzhda


Afer Borschevsky, directed by Oleg Zhugzhda: renaissance of marionette art in filigree animation and realization of puppets, a living myth about Faustus of unseen beauty.

The Story of a Horse

Year: 1998
Country: Yugoslavia
The Puppet Theatre “Pinokio” – Zemun
Director: Živomir Jokovic


Performance directed by Živomir Jokovic, doyen of Serbian puppetry, as an example of the successful transposition of Tolstoy’s literature to puppet stage.


Year: 1997
Country: Hungary
Budapest Puppet Theatre – Budapest
Director: Szonyi Kato

World famous performance made in the aesthetics of the eighties of the 20th century, which has been carrying the fame of Hungarian puppetry throughout the world.

Love Potion

Year: 1996
Country: Slovakia
State Puppet Theatre – Bratislava
Director: Jozef Bednarik


Puppet opera after Donizetti, masterly directed by Jozef Bedanrik, from which the contemporary opera directing could take over the best solutions.

Winter Tale

Year: 1995
Country: Slovakia
Trnava Theatre – Trnava
Director: Ladislav Kocan


Poetic staging in an empty space. Animation of light and shadows.

The Humpbacked Horse

Year: 1994
Country: Russia
Academic Theatre of Comedy “N.P. Akimov” – St. Petersburg
Director: Ilya Makarov


Total theatre in the key of Meyerhold’s biomechanics.