Festival Jury


Boris Pavlovich Goldovsky was born on December 7th 1948 in Moscow. He has PhD in science of arts; he is very distinguished cultural figure in Russian Federation, the president of Sergey V. Obraztsov Centre, theatre historian and theoretician, theatre critic, dramatist, playwright and pedagogue. Also, he is a member of UNIMA and the Russian Federation League of Theatre Workers, as well as the founder of Sergey V. Obraztsov Memorial Museum, Sergey V. Obraztsov International Puppetry Festival (Obraztsovfest) and the journal for professional puppeteers and devotees of puppet theatre Theatre of Wonders.

He graduated at Russian Institute for Theatre Art (1976), received his degree for the thesis “Puppet Theatre in 18th Century Russia” at the Federal Scientific Research Institute for Art (Moscow) and PhD for the work titled “Historical Development and Stage Life of Russian Dramaturgy in Puppet Theatre from the 18th to the 20th Century” at the Russian State Institute for Stage Arts (St Petersburg, 2007).

Goldovsky worked as a manager of literary section in the Moscow Regional Puppet Theatre (1976-1990). In 1990 he was invited by S.V. Obraztsov to the Central State Academic Puppet Theatre where he was in charge of the creative division, as well as the research and international activities. During 1996-2012 he was the director of this theatre. From 2014 he is the artistic director of Moscow State Puppet Theatre.

He is the author of more than thirty books published in Russian, Serbian, German, Polish and Spanish, as well as the numerous scripts for television features on history and art theory of puppetry.

On several occasions he was engaged in pedagogic work at Russian theatre institutes (Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, Russian Academy for Theatre Art ГИТИС, St Petersburg Academy of Drama Arts etc.)

He participates in numerous theatre festivals as theatre expert, a member and president of the jury.


Jarosław Antoniuk (1963) is Polish director, theatrologist, dramatist and theatre animator. He graduated at the State Theatre Studio (1985-1987), then State Theatre Academy in Warsaw (1988-1992) and Economic Academy for Management, also in Warsaw. He is the manager of Puppet and Actor Theatre from Łomża (since 1994) and the director of International Theatre Festival “Valise” (Walizka). Until 2017, around four hundred theatres have participated in this festival, out of which almost two hundred were from abroad (over fifty different countries), which included numerous theatres from Serbia and other countries in Balkan region as well.

As the manager of Łomża Puppet and Actor Theatre, from 1995 to 2002 he worked on the project of building this establishment. Before that he had been active in drama theatre. His debut as a director in puppet theatre came to pass in 1995, with “Forest Happenings” (Dziejba leśna) by B. Leśmian. This play received awards at numerous festivals. Until today, he has created more than forty plays for puppet theatres in Poland, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Belarus, Spain, Montenegro, and most of them have won prizes at many festivals in Poland and abroad; very often receiving even the Grand Prix of the festival.

Jarosław Antoniuk received these important awards: the Decoration of Honour of Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshall, the Decoration of Honour of Łomża Mayor (in 1994 and 2012), the Decoration of Honour of Podlaskie Voivode, the Decoration of Honour of Ministry of Culture (in 2004 and 2012), the Decoration of Honour of Minister for the Republic of Crimea, the Award of Journalists’ Association and the Medal of Honour for the Popularization of Theatre. He was also a laureate of the Decoration of Honour “Meritorious for Culture” Gloria Artis (2013), awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Antoniuk is a member of ASSITEJ, UNIMA, ZAiKS (authorship agency). He is actively engaged at theatre festivals as selector and jury member.


Lyudmilla Hense (Konstantinova) was born in 1965 in Kostanay (Kazakhstan). In 1984 she graduated at the School for Stage Arts in Chelyabinsk (Russia). From 1987 to 1992 she was enrolled in the state sponsored institute for theatre and art – Faculty for Theatre and Decorative Arts in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). She graduated as set designer-sculptor for puppet theatre and artistic technician for stage (drama). During 1992-2002 she was the head stage designer in the Regional Russian Drama and Puppet Theatre in Kostanay (Kazakhstan). She was also involved in children’s and other programmes made for television. As a set, puppet and costume designer she has taken part in different projects for theatres in Russia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Her most famous plays are: Baba Yaga’s Fairytales (1994); The First Childhood Fairytale (2000); Alenka’s Flower (2002); Tom Thumb (2008); Baba Yaga (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2010); Little Ilimar (2013); I Dreamed of a Garden (2014); The Fairytale of a Fisherman and a Fish (Podgorica, Montenegro, 2015). She worked with directors such as Rein Agur (Estonia), Boris Salamchev (Russia), Aleksandr Borok (Russia), Oleg Zugzda (Belarus), Evgeny Ibragimov (Russia/Czech Republic) and others. Her creations received awards at numerous international puppetry festivals. One of the most recent ones was the prize from the 2016 Subotica International Children’s Theatre Festival.


He was born in 1960, received his MA and PhD at Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He was manager and dramatist (1988-1993), later director (2007-2012) of the Youth Theatre in Novi Sad. During 2013-2017 he was editor-in-chief for the journal on theatre arts Scena, published by Sterijino Pozorje, Novi Sad. From March 2015 until July 2016 he was assistant director of Sterijino Pozorje. From July 2016 Đerić is the acting manager of the Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad.

Đerić is member of the board of directors for the Vojvodina Writers’ Society, the Department for the Stage Arts and Music within Matica Srpska in Novi Sad and the editorial board of Zbornik Matice Srpske za scensku umetnost i muziku. He is affiliated with the editorial board of Niti, journal for puppetry art published by the Vojvodina Theatre Museum and Agon, journal for theatre art (Banja Luka).

He has published 60 books (30 as author and 30 translations). Following books are dealing with the theatre topics: Nonsaturation: Polish Dramaturgy of the 20th Century (Nezasićenje: poljska dramaturgija XX veka, 2006); History of Witold Gombrowicz (Istorija Vitolda Gombroviča, 2008); Testosterone. New Polish Dramaturgy (Testosteron. Nova poljska dramaturgija, 2009); Theatre and Film (Pozorište i film, 2010); Witkacy’s Crazy Locomotive: Between Film and Theatre (Vitkacijeva Luda lokomotiva: između filma i pozorišta, 2010); Dramaturgic Post Scriptum (Dramaturški postskriptum, 2014); Puppet Theatre in Novi Sad. Foundation (Pozorište lutaka u Novom Sadu / osnivanje, co-author with LJ. Dinić, 2014); Puppet and Mask in Serbian Culture: From Ritual to Theatre Act (Lutka i maska u srpskoj kulturi: od obrednog do pozorišnog čina, co-editor with LJ. Dinić, 2014); Puppetry in Serbia: from Fairs to Sokol Stages (Lutkarstvo u Srbiji: od vašarskih do sokolskih scena, co-editor with LJ. Dinić, 2015) and A Tribute to Jurkowski. Collection of Papers (Jurkovskom u čast. Zbornik radova, editor, 2016).

He has translated the following books from Polish: Art of Puppetry Direction by Wiesław Hejno (Umetnost lutkarske režije, 2012); Theory of Puppetry II by Henryk Jurkowski (Teorija lutkarstva II,  2013); Puppet Within Culture I, II by Henryk Jurkowski (Lutka u kulturi, I i II, 2015 and 2017).


He graduated at Novi Sad Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History; received his MA and PhD at Novi Sad Art Academy, Department of Theatrology. He worked as a reporter at Radio Novi Sad and TV Novi Sad, on Programme for Culture and Art. He was also employed at the Vojvodina Archive in Novi Sad.

Maksimović was a curator at the Vojvodina Theatre Museum in Novi Sad (1995-2002), later director of this institution (2002-2007) and now he is at the position of curator-theatrologist (since February 2017).

He has been a member of Matica Srpska since 1995, joining its board of the Department for the Stage Arts and Music in 2004. From 1995, he has worked on the scientific research projects within this Department, as well as within the Department of Lexicography and Bibliography of Matica Srpska. He collaborates on the Encyclopaedia of Novi Sad and Serbian Encyclopaedia. Also, he is a member of editorial board and the editor for the field of theatre arts in Encyclopaedia of Vojvodina.

He has been in juries at theatre festivals, and he belongs to numerous expert, organizational and administrative boards. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia (Udruženje pozorišnih kritičara i teatrologa Srbije, AICT branch within UNESCO). Maksimović is one of the founders of “Laza Kostić” Foundation (London, Belgrade, Novi Sad, 2009) and vice-president of Novi Sad section of the International Dance Council (CID – UNESCO, 2014), as well as the vice-president of the Council of the International Festival of Children’s Theatres in Subotica (since 2014).

He participated in many national and international symposia, seminars and conferences.

Maksimović is the author and editor of several publications such as Mira Banjac (2002 and 2011); Yuri Lvovich Rakitin – Life, Work, Memories (Jurij Ljvovič Rakitin – život, delo, sećanja, co-author with E. Uspenski and A. Arsenjev, 2007); Theatre Poetics of Laza Kostić (Pozorje Laze Kostića, Serbian edition, 2011); Theatre Poetics of Laza Kostić (English edition, 2012); Ibsen’s Dramas on Stages of Vojvodina (Ibzenove drame na vojvođanskim scenama, 2016).

He published his works in collections of papers, periodicals and daily newspapers. He was also editor and member of editorial boards of numerous publications and journals.