Festival Jury

Daria Ivanova (Ukraine)

Daria Ivanova is Secretary General of UNIMA Ukraine, head of the literary and drama division of the Kyiv Municipal Academic Puppet Theatre, teacher at the Department of Acting and Directing in Puppet Theatre at Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, researcher.
Had been studying at Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University of Theatre, Cinema and Television; specializations: Puppet theatre directing, Theatre studies.
Created performances for children and adults (among them such works as Punch and Judy, Icarus, The Gingerbread Man, Losharik, Three little pigs, Eugene Onegin etc.).
She has taken part in national and international theatre festivals (Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Russia) and participated in national and international conferences (France, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland).
She is the author of scientific articles in Ukrainian and international editions and a participant in residency programme at the International Institute of Puppetry (Charleville-Mézières, France, 2015).

Dragoslav Todorović (Serbia)

Dragoslav Todorović was born on November 3, 1948 in Paris. He graduated theatre direction at the Belgrade Faculty of
Drama Arts in 1979, in the class of Professor Borjana Prodanović. As a young man he lived in Hamburg, studying there acting and pantomime, and acting in theatres and cabarets.
He has made numerous dramatic and puppet plays and participated in many festivals, both national and international. He has won five awards for the best play at these festivals and eleven for his direction.
Todorović has lived in Toronto for five years, where he has worked as a director and acting teacher.
Apart from the directing, he also teaches a course on Puppetry at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, in the departments for set design and stage costume.

Adriana Teodorescu (Romania)

Adriana Teodorescu, theatrologist, graduated in 1996 at the Theatre Faculty of the National University for Theatre and Film „I.L. Caragiale” – Bucharest, where she also completed her master’s and doctoral degree. Since graduation in 1996, she has served, for 17 years, as a literary secretary of Colibri Children’s and Youth Theatre – Craiova, and in 2013 she became the manager of this theatre. A year later she created Puppets Occupy Street International Festival.
As a founding member of the Cultural Association GAG, Teodorescu was successful in her attempts to open the first Museum of Puppets in Romania; she was also the recipient of UNITER (The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists) Award for originality.
Over the years, she collaborated with a number of national radio and television networks, and wrote articles for various specialized publications.
She was part of the juries at several festivals in Romania, and coordinator of many projects promoting the art of animation and puppetry among the children and youth.