takmicarski program

27.09.2019. 10h

Narodno pozorište – scena “Jadran”

The Cricket and the Ant

NGO Youth Theatre – Cultural Centre, “Nikola Đurković“ Kotor – City Theatre Podgorica – City Theatre Budva – Hercegfest Herceg Novi ,Montenegro

directed by: Branko Ilić

stage design: Branko Ilić

puppet design:

author: Milena Depolo

music: Who See (Dejan Dedović i Mario Đorđević)

cast: Branka Femić Šćekić, Katarina Krek, Goran Slavić, Branko Ilić

The Cricket is an artist, which isn’t a very popular calling, at least not here. If you decide to be a Cricket sometime in your life, know that everything will be against you, except for you. And maybe it will be tough, but art will make it easier. It will give you the strength to go on, the freedom to speak up, the width to understand and the pleasure to enjoy.

6+ 60min language Serbian translation no seats