takmicarski program

23.09.2019. 15h

Pozorište „Deže Kostolanji“

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Theatre of puppet and actor Petrushka,Russia

directed by: Natalia Lebedeva

stage design: Natalia Toporova

puppet design: Natalia Toporova

author: po delu Aleksandra S. Puškina

music: Sergey Zhukov

cast: Dima Gavrilov, Andrey Kuleshov, Andrey Bessonov, Alexander Rysin, Verchuk Natalia, Girenko Viorica, Nastya Scherbakova, Ekaterina Maryanchuk

The heroes of our fairy tale find something that could make their wishes come true on the shores of the blue sea. However, one of them possessed by desire seeks more than he needs.
This tale is about true happiness, only possible with love, not materialism.

6+ 50min language Russian translation no seats