takmicarski program

25.09.2017. 12:00h

Pozorište "Deže Kostolanji" / Dezső Kosztolányi Theatre - Trg žrtava fašizma 5, Subotica


GRIFF PUPPET THEATRE, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

directed by: Rita Bartal-Kiss

stage design: Katalin Szegedi – Grosschmid Erik

puppet design: Katalin Szegedi – Grosschmid Erik

author: Katalin Szegedi

music: Zoltán Samu Csernák

cast: Brigitta Dőry, Ágnes Fekete, Mátyás Tóth, Csaba Hettinger

You could be chubby, skinny, tall or tiny, or wear glasses, but everybody needs somebody with whom he or she could draw, ride a scooter, climb a tree, sing a song, play football or play with dolls. Playing alone is not so good.

Palkó is a schoolboy and skinny like the crescent. Lenka goes to daycare and she is chubby like the full moon. Others are taunting them all the time.

One day the two children meet each other on a playground… a beautiful story about friendship and tolerance.

A co-production of Sunbeam Puppet Theatre (Békéscsaba) and Griff Puppet Theatre (Zalaegerszeg).



4+ 40min language Hungarian translation no 120 seats