takmicarski program

25.09.2019. 10h

Dečje pozorište Subotica

Beauty and the Beast

Szabadkai GyermekszínházSubotica,Serbia

directed by: Csató Kata

stage design: Csató Máté, Tóth Eszter

puppet design: Csató Máté

author: Szabó Attila

music: Bakos Árpád

cast: Budanov Marta, Fridrik Gertruda, Gal Elvira, Greguš Zalan, Kočiš Endre

A beautiful girl willingly accepts to being imprisoned by a merciless beast in order to save her father… Our beast isn’t ugly from the outside but is someone who struggles with accepting his self. He wears a mask, not wanting to acknowledge his true self, but the love of the girl will break his mask off…

5+ 60min language Hungarian translation yes seats