takmicarski program

23.09.2019. 10h

Pozorište „Deže Kostolanji“

Helen Fairy-Beauty and Prince Árgyélus

Harlekin Puppet Theatre,Hungary

directed by: András Veres

stage design: Grosschmid Erik

puppet design: Grosschmid Erik

author: Dóra Gimesi

music: Dániel Takács

cast: Pancsa Mészáros, Csaba Sóvári, Réka Szűcs, Szilárd Zádori, Olivér Szilner

This fairy-tale has already been written in many different ways. The love story of a fairy and a young prince has always lived vividly in the fantasy of all generations. Is it possible for a human being to win the love of a fairy? There has to be a fight for true love, but once the two souls are united, everything becomes possible…

6-12 60min language Hungarian translation no seats