takmicarski program

24.09.2019. 12h

Pozorište „Deže Kostolanji“

The Golden Goose

State Puppet Theatre Burgas,Bulgaria

directed by: Todor Valov

stage design: Hristina Mladenovic-Hrastche

puppet design: Hristina Mladenovic-Hrastche

author: Braća Grim

music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona

cast: Alexandra Grancharova, Nedelina Roselinova, Rumyana Kraleva, Zhenya Georgieva, Diyan Rusev, Alex Anmahyan, Georgi Minkov

The Golden Goose is our playful attempt with the help of music and puppets to poke fun at human foolishness and greediness, envy and vanity. The great variety of laughter is the only cure for all these illnesses of human mind, heart and soul. You should be careful not to be dazzled by the glitter of stupidity or taken prisoner by Greed and Envy!

za sve uzraste 50min language Bulgarian translation yes seats