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XI Forum

The exchange of opinions and ideas at theater festivals is an opportunity for theater creators and theorists, through the interpretation of representative examples, to improve theater practice. Good thing about the International Children's Theater Festival in Subotica, is that those who create wonderful theater worlds and are ready to ignite the imagination of the youngest audience, have the opportunity to meet theatrologists / theorists who think about phenomena and achievements in order to improve the form and expression of children's theater. This is organized within the Forum, which is taking place for the eleventh time in Subotica during the Festival.

In 2020, the participants of the International Forum for the Research of Theater Art for Children and Youth will analyze two important topics concerning children's theater art, but also theater in general, as well as the entire social community. The forum is designed in the following two sections:

1. Section - Scientific forum on:

Women's role in theater for children and youth

Possible framework and topics:

2. Section - Debate forum on:

Festival as a social phenomenon

Possible framework and topics:

Women's Creativity in Theater for Children and Youth theme is a kind of homage to women who, through various tasks in the process of creating a theatrical play, managed to fight for their authentic aesthetic and moral attitude. Also, female characters, through children's literature, represented inspiration to many creators who created stage language for the youngest audience.

Women take an important place in the theater for children and youth, which is a consequence of sensibility in relationship with children’s audiences, as well as dedicated work they have achieved throughout the history of children’s theater. The theme of the Festival as a social phenomenon encompasses a wide range of theatrical and social events, different theatrical aesthetics and expressions of authentic authors, which makes the gathering spot of the Festival. At the XI Forum, participants, theatrologists and creators from eight countries will analyze, in their own works, theatrical phenomena and representative examples from theatrical practice, relying on positive examples of the authentic stage language creators, hoping this work will have share in the future theatrical achievements.

Dr. Mariana Prpa Fink


1.         Dr Goran Gavrić (Serbia) 

2.         Jovan Caran (Serbia)

3.         Dr Maja Verdonik (Croatia)

4.         Dr Marijana Prpa Fink (Serbia)

5.         Dr Branka Rudman (Croatia)

6.         Vahid Duraković (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

7.         Dr Zdenka Đerđ (Croatia)

8.         Dr Biljana Vujović (Serbia)

9.         Dr Zoran Đerić (Serbia)

10.       Rachael MacBean (India)-  Women’s role in theatre and a child's creativity

11.       Tasos Angelopoulos (Greece)- Raising little Greeks: The ideological aspects of Antigoni Metaxa’s “Theatre of the Child” (1933-1941).

12.       Sahar Shahgaldi (Iran)- Progressive presence of women in Iranian theatre in last century

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